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If you wish to have breakfast,please let us know before you arrive. Costs for breakfast are €7,50 for adults and €6 for kids in the age of 4-12

Our breakfast will be served every morning at the 'long table'. 

There will be yoghurt, fresh fruit, cereals, eggs, bread, juice, coffee, tea and more!

If you have any specific wishes, allergies or preferences, just let us know.

diner at the glamping

Every day Sietske can prepare dinner which will be made with homegrown veggies and local products, accompanied by some good portugese wine. 

All of the menu's will be vegetarian. 

We believe the world needs more people eating less meat. So where better to start than right here? 

Let us know if you have allergies, if you are vegan or anything else. 

Prices for diner are €12,50 for main and desert. 

Pleae let us know in the morning if you wish us to prepare you dinner.

If you like to go out for diner, we can give you information about some good restaurants in the neighborhood.


For cooking yourself, making tea or coffee and for storing your food and drinks you can use the outside kitchen. Every tent has it's space in the fridge. 

We work with an 'honesty bar' system which means you just take what you need and write it down in your 'tent book'. 

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