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Detox your body and mind

Are you suffering from stress? Do you find it hard to relax?
Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you looking for some real quality time just for you?
And are you a person who thrives in nature? are you looking for a retreat with smaller intimate groups and more personal guidance?

Then this is the retreat you are looking for!
-cleansing yoga
-detoxification tools
-meditation and breathing techniques
-healthy and nutritious food
-Maximum 6 participants!

Today we are facing a new paradigm , one that is liberated from the "sickness industry". We have the power within us to heal, cleanse and purify. We can learn to use the tools that help us to repair and rebuild so we can regain our optimal well being and shine exquisitely out into the world. 
This retreat is made for people who deal with mistery illnesses and symptoms, auto immune conditions, severe brain fog.chronic fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, heavy metal toxicity, infectious diseases, gut imbalances, food intolerances, etc. 
We dont need to suffer from these illnesses!
It is time to take control and step into your radical power of self-helaing. 

Be immersed in potent techniques for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual purification to restore on a cellular level and illuminate the heart space. 



-Morning yoga sessions

-Detoxing program with proffesional guidance

-Evening meditations

-Healthy food and drinks to support your detoxification process

-Sound healing sessions

what´s included;

-All the above

-A comfy bed in one of our tents

-Transport from and to Pedrogao 

Grande busstation

-»»»check in at 14, check out at 14

Not included;

Shiatsu treatments €40

Ayurvedic massage €40



Arjuna is a naturopath, yoga teacher, ayurvedic masseur, prana healer and an occupational therapist. She loves to travel and on her journeys has met many beautiful and wise teachers, learned different kinds of yoga and healing techniques. With the years she has combined her teachings into her very own healing methods,The most powerfull of all became the art of kinesiology.

She also loves music, mantra singing and sound healing which she uses in many of her treatments, classes and workshops.

Many days she is to be found in nature collecting plants to make natural medicine about which you ask her all about when you will join this powerfull retreat.

Arjuna will be your guidance through this detoxification process, she will make sure you will go home a new, lighter person with new goals and an open mind.


Sietske will be your cheff and hostess during this reteeat. She will prepare your food with love, care and lots of colors.

She will also be teaching  Dru yoga lessons with amazing yoga flows, salutaions and sequences to support your inner stilness.





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