Reconnect to nature

 spring 2021



Are you the kind of person who needs nature to recharge your battery every once in while?

Would you love to learn more about all the things nature has to offer us?

Do you need to get away from you busy life?

Or do you just love to be surrounded by nature and have some 'you' time?

Then we would love to welcome you at Adega Antiga during our 'back to nature' retreat 2020. 

Our little glamping offers the perfect place to unwind and be with nature.


05/06/2021 15:00- 12/06/2021 


There will be a yoga class every morning. 

Yoga classes will be based on Dru yoga which is a soft form of yoga with a lot of flow. It calms the mind and body and focusses on the alignment of the body and the flexibility of the spine.

Dru yoga is for everybody; you don't have to be an experienced yoga practitioner to join our retreat. Although you might be challenged sometimes. The group will be small so you will get all the support you need!

If you have any questions about Dru yoga, just ask!

Every evening we will end the day with a breathing exercise, yoga nidra or a meditation.

We will take you canoeing on the beautiful river Zezere, we will go swimming and walking. And in your free time, you can go for a swim in the Cabril lake which is only a 15 minutes walk away. Or enjoy the peace and quiet of our little glamping and its surroundings. 


We offer two workshops during this week; 

One is a 'herbal harvest' workshop given by Sara Rooney who is an experienced herbalist. Herbs are really easy to grow or wild harvest and can be used in a multitude of ways; you can add them to food and use as teas. Or use as a form of medicine, make your own natural health products and skincare and also use them as natural cleaning products. 

The way in which you can harvest, store and preserve herbs is really important to their quality and how long they will last. Chemical free growing, affective harvesting and carefully storing herbs is in Sara's opinion the MOST important aspect of creating good quality and effective herbal remedies. During this workshop Sarah will tell you all about this. 

A few of the things you will also do:

-make a tincture

-make a glycerite

-make a lip balm

-and more..

The second workshop is a 'pick and eat' treat, given to you by Linda.

She will take you on a walk on our land and teach you all about the plants there are, which ones are edible and which ones aren't. Which ones are medicinal and which are better to avoid. How to recognize certain plants  the places they grow and specific things to look for and more...

After collecting all these goodies from the land, we will prepare you a diner with them.


Breakfast, lunch and diner will be served at our outside kitchen area where you can also help yourself to coffee, tea and water all day long.

Our food is vegetarian but if you prefer vegan, just let us know. 

Your food will be prepared by Sietske who is a passionate cook, you will love her way of combining different sorts of flavors and putting them together in one big bowl of outstanding colors and happiness. 




walking, swimming,

herbal workshops,



good and tasty food


-Transport from and to Pombal trainstation; on 05/06 and 12/06

-Yoga classes



-Breakfast, lunch and diner

-Tea, coffee and water



-Any other drinks

-Shiatsu treatment (from €45)

-Reflexology  massage on the feet (from €45)


We offer 4 accommodations; two tipi tents, one Lotus Belle tent and an oldtimer campervan. You can find more details about the accommodations on our website under 'tents'.

Tipi tent: €729

Lotus Belle tent: single occupancy €799 double occupancy €675 pp

Campervan: €729

It is possible to stay with two in the tipi's but they both have a double bed of 1,40 by 2 meters so you would have to be a couple or friends. If you would stay with two in a tipi tent, the price is €640 pp


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