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Arrochela, Pedrogao Pequeno

Tel:00351-961 897 724


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Coming by car all you have to do is head for Arrochela (Castelo Branco or Serta). Make sure you pick the right Arrochela, there is another one! On google maps you'll see it's right next to a big lake. 

If you get to the crossing in Arrochela (there's only one so you can't mis it) go straight. Keep following the road untill you see our sign on the left side of the road. Just before reaching us, the road seems to be going to the right but that's just a private dirt road, keep following the road to the left. 

If you see our sign on the left side of the road, park your car next to the road and give us a call, we will come up and help you carrying your bags down. Don't drive down the dirt road, there's a possibility of you getting stuck down there and you will have to be pulled out. 

If you need instructions all the way from Porto or Lissabon, just let us know, we will send them to you via email. 

If you prefer having the exact location we can send the coordinates via WhatsApp.